Scientists predict an influx of migrants in Europe by the year 2100 due to climate change

Scientists predict an influx of migrants in Europe by the year 2100 due to climate change

LONDON, December 25. /TASS/. Destructive climate change could cause by 2100 the number of migrants annually arriving in EU countries will increase several times and will reach 1 million people.

This is the conclusion reached by scientists at Columbia University in new York, based on the study of current global trends.

According to the head of the expert group at Columbia University, Professor of Tungsten Slanker, “Europe will flock to the growing number of desperate people fleeing their countries.”

Climate change will lead to more droughts, floods, hurricanes and rising ocean level.

These factors probably will significantly hamper agricultural activity, and sometimes make it impossible in various parts of the world, including in countries South of the Sahara and some parts of Asia, point out the researchers.

This global effect will be felt in Europe, but lower average temperatures, relative prosperity and modern infrastructure will help to curb negative trends and make the continent a more attractive place for migrants.

The forecasts of the authors of the study are based, in particular, on the integration of applications from people from 103 countries for asylum in the EU in 2000 — 2014 years, reaching an annual average of 350 thousand Experts compared the number of bids with environmental factors such as temperature and weather, and adjusted data on aspects such as conflicts and political instability.

The increase in the number of migrants in Europe due to climate change will further aggravate, according to Slanker, political tensions. “(Country) Europe is already in conflict regarding how much to accept refugees,” he says.