Roscosmos “will digitize” the whole of Russia in three years

Roscosmos “will digitize” the whole of Russia in three years

A computer model of the surface of our planet, created in the framework initiated by the state Corporation “Roscosmos” of the project “Digital Earth”, to 2020, the year will cover the entire territory of Russia. Told about it in interview “news” the General Director of holding “Russian space systems” (RKS) Andrey Tyulin.

The pilot regions of the project implementation, involving the creation of an exact digital copy of the Earth’s surface with an accuracy of about 1 m, became the Crimea and the Rostov region. In 2018, according to Tyulin, plan to “digitize” the Moscow region, Saint Petersburg and Krasnodar, Khabarovsk and Primorsky Krai. “It is planned that the whole territory of our country will be covered by the end of 2020,” — said the publication of the head of the RCC.

In the future, said the Tyulin, planned to create with participation of the Russian space Agency and the private investor commercial company that could compete globally with Google Earth, Esri and other mapping services.

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“We understand that to create a consumer product better than Google Earth, it is extremely difficult, but we will have benefits in Russia and several developing countries, where Google does not yet offer highly detailed maps. With a resolution of better than 1 m on the cards can be viewed only major city in the world, said Tyulin. — We plan that any part of Russia and then the world will be available in high resolution”.

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Based on the data of “Digital Earth” can be used to create analytical services for agriculture, forestry, industry, mining, environment, monitoring industrial and transport infrastructure, urban planning, insurance and many other areas. Basic products and data in its pure form will state consumers free of charge, and topical products when they are ready, in the RCC plan to earn.

Recall the launch of “Digital Earth” Roscosmos said in may 2017. Regular imaging of the planet’s surface with a resolution of 1 m will allow you to track changes of objects with high detail. Now Roscosmos eight satellites that allow remote sensing of the Earth, but to 20125 year, the group plans to expand to 20 devices, reported TASS.