Member OP called provocation impending U.S. “Kremlin report”

Member OP called provocation impending U.S. “Kremlin report”

MOSCOW, 25 Dec — RIA Novosti. A report with a list of Russian officials and businessmen, resulting from the U.S. — a political provocation and unsubstantiated demagoguery, the Chairman of the Commission of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation on development of public diplomacy, cultural cooperation and preservation of traditional values Elena sutormina.

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump before the end of January intends to submit to Congress the so-called Kremlin report — a list of senior Russian officials and close to power businesses.

“Forthcoming “Kremlin report”, in my opinion, another political provocation on the part of the ruling elite of the United States. New become only the forms and names of the lists, and the justification for them — old: “Russia intervened”, “Russia — the aggressor”, “Russia — the world’s evil”. And that’s just rhetoric, not backed up by any proof,” said RIA Novosti sutormina.

According to her the American establishment, and so failed to achieve that “Donald Trump is extremely difficult to conduct a constructive dialogue with Russia”.