American month ignored dead wife

American month ignored dead wife

An American from Chicago (Illinois) a month did not notice that his wife, with whom he lived, died. This publication reports the Chicago Sun Times, citing the police.

According to 60-year-old Stephen Seyler (Seiler Steven), he noticed a strange smell from the bedroom for months, but decided to check what was happening with his wife.

58-year-old Tamara Wilson (Tamara Wilson) discovered on December 10, naked and covered only with a piece of blue tarpaulin. Police entered the apartment after the daughter of the deceased asked them to check if everything is okay with her mother, since she haven’t been out on bond.

In turn, Seiler noted that he did not know that his wife was dead until he phoned her daughter. However, the police suspects that he is lying.

The man was detained December 19, when he returned to the apartment. With him he had a passport of his dead wife, her credit card, birth certificate and her wedding ring. On 22 December he was released under house arrest.

In October Seyler was convicted of domestic assault and battery. The court banned him from returning to their shared apartment in a state of alcoholic or drug charges. According to data from the surveillance cameras, Seiler went to the apartment and left it, and checked the mail every day for five days before police found the body of his wife.

The couple married in 2014, their total daughter for 22 years.