The head of the contest “Miss America” resigned from the published correspondence

The head of the contest “Miss America” resigned from the published correspondence

Moscow. 24 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — Head of the contest “Miss America,” Sam Haskell, resigned from his post, after it was made public the correspondence in which he allowed himself unflattering comments about the participants.

As informs “bi-Bi-si”, the organization has already stated that it granted the petition for Haskell.

In addition to Haskell, because of the scandal, their posts will leave some more a top-managers of “Miss America”.

Scandal has inflamed after in The Huffington Post appeared excerpts from e-mails, which, according to media reports, exchanged Haskell and other officials. The authors in Frank terms discussed personal life and appearance of the contestants, in particular, some they condemned for allegedly exhibited sexual promiscuity, others criticized for the extra weight. One of the participants the author of the letter wished to die quickly, the other used offensive language.

49 former winners of the competition, including those who were mentioned in the email, wrote an open letter in which he mentioned that he had tried to tell others about the true atmosphere of the contest, but previously didn’t believe them.

Sam Haskell, issued a statement in which he said that he was under stress because of “constant attacks from the two miss America”, and assured that he is not trying to make excuses, but believes that published in the media quotes taken out of context.

Some partners have gathered to revise advertising contracts.