The Christmas song in the world was not Christmas

The Christmas song in the world was not Christmas

The song Jingle Bells, which is a Christmas classic, it actually was intended for another holiday. This writes The Mirror.

The song was written in 1857 by James Pierpont (James Pierpont), was called One Horse Open Sleigh and was about thanksgiving. The publication notes that in the song tells of winter amusements and pranks, and probably in the development of it as a Christmas played a mention of the sled.

In addition, in the second verse the author speaks of a certain miss Fanny bright, which may indicate a rather romantic nature of the song.

Some believe that it was intended for singing at school parties, others insist that the song was sung during drinking, as it can be traced obscene allusions.

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In late November, musician and sound-engineer Lord Vinheteiro published a video, which was played on the piano a selection of traditional Christmas tunes, written from the XVI to the XXI century. Among others, he also sang Jingle Bells.