Ramzan Kadyrov reported sent to Chechnya terrorists

Ramzan Kadyrov reported sent to Chechnya terrorists

In Chechnya are preparing to prevent the entry of extremists intending to carry out attacks. About it in interview to the program “week” on TV channel NTV said the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov.


“We now know we have a few devils, sent them to commit terrorist acts in the Chechen Republic, they came to Georgia,” he said.

“We are waiting for them, and once they cross the border, we will immediately take or destroy”— said the head of the Republic.

“We have full control of all channels all the moves outputs. Because if they come, I do commit a crime, a terrorist act. Therefore, we need to know in advance where they are and what they do,” said Mr Kadyrov.

Earlier Ramzan Kadyrov announced the complete victory over terrorism in Chechnya. “No terrorist underground in Chechnya is not! But attempts to recruit young people continue. These are Western intelligence agencies, the henchmen of which is sitting in Europe, by day and by night are in the network of subversive activities”, — he said.