Zampolpreda of Russia to the UN, spoke about the adoption of the resolution on DPRK

Zampolpreda of Russia to the UN, spoke about the adoption of the resolution on DPRK

UN, Dec 22 — RIA Novosti. The adoption of the resolution of the UN Security Council on new sanctions against North Korea was possible only taking into account the proposals of Russia, said the Deputy permanent representative to the UN Vladimir Safronkov.

“The adoption of the resolution became possible only as a result of consideration of our concerns,” said the diplomat. However, he noted that coordination was made “at the last minute, as a result of a grueling effort.”

“We emphasize that the sanctions measures do not apply to the activities of diplomatic missions in the DPRK, the operation of the project of Rajin, the restriction does not apply to Korean airlines and the supply of associated spare parts,” — said Safronov.

He also noted that the timing of the requirement to expel all North Korean workers home only “last minute” was changed from 12 to 24 months. “This is the minimum acceptable time required to deal with the logistical aspects of the problem”, — said the Deputy permanent representative of the Russian Federation.

On Friday, the UN security Council adopted resolution 2379, which imposes new sanctions, and almost completely limits the ability of the DPRK’s import of refined petroleum products, prohibits the export from the DPRK of food, machinery and equipment, transport vessels and certain types of raw materials.

The document also prohibits the supply to North Korea of industrial equipment, transport vessels and metals. This document contains the disclaimer that its provisions do not affect the supply of Russian coal to third countries via the railway-port project of Rajin (DPRK) — Khasan (Russia).