The Communist party has nominated Pavel Grudinina in presidents of Russia

The Communist party has nominated Pavel Grudinina in presidents of Russia

A presidential candidate from the Communist party became the Director of the Lenin state farm Pavel Grudinin. The party is the “liberal alternative to Putin and the government,” said earlier the leader of the Communists Gennady Zyuganov.

Congress of the Communist party of the Russian Federation (CPRF) at the 17th Congress on Saturday, December 23, nominated a presidential candidate 57-year-old Director of the Lenin state farm Pavel Grudinina. For a decision voted by the majority of delegates to the Congress, the correspondent of RBC. According to the interlocutor of RBC in the Communist party, “against the candidacy Grudinina voted by 11 delegates, the rest follow”.

The decision was made by secret ballot. Earlier, the Communists unanimously supported the proposal of the CPRF leader Gennady Zyuganov to include in the newsletter uncontested candidacy Grudinina as presidential candidate from the Communist party.

Speaking to delegates, Grudinin said that party members to support his candidacy “convinced” that the leader of the Communist party.

According to him, his election program is a program of Zyuganov.

“I am ready to sign under every word of it,” said Grudinin. “All my actions will be coordinated with campaign staff and I pray that it was headed by Gennady Zyuganov” — he added. “Our victory can steal. we know it. But our cause is just and victory will be ours”, — concluded the Director of the state farm named after Lenin.

In his speech at the Congress of Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov said that Grudinin is an alternative from levopatrioticheskih forces Putin and the liberals. He also added that, in his opinion, “nonsense” is the idea that the outcome of the presidential election is a foregone conclusion.

The desire for change, according to polls, exceeded desire stability.Gennady Zyuganovites of the Communist party

“Resource stability, personal power is limited,” said the leader of the Communist party. Zyuganov himself, he said, will take “political leadership” of the upcoming election campaign.

The day before, December 22, Grudinina candidature to support Congress recommended to the Plenum of the Communist party. The source of RBC in the Communist party said that Zyuganov has decided not to take part in the elections including the fact that it’s hard for him to campaign for health reasons.

The candidacy of Pavel Grudinina actively untwisted himself Zyuganov also told RBC another source in the Communist party. The Director of the Lenin state farm, ranked in intra-party polls in second place. Zyuganov went along with the party activists in the state farm. Lenin, the party members also showed a film about Grudinina — all informed about the regions, says another Communist. The last month Zyuganov tried to convince the Director of the farm agree to participate in the campaign. “Grudinin not a member of the party, and is not for Gennady Andreevich was a threat and a competitor in the future,” — said the source of RBC.

At the end of November 2017 Paul Grudinin won the primaries “left and Patriotic forces” conducted by the movement “Left front”.