Shoigu reported to Putin about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

Shoigu reported to Putin about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

The Russian military has left the territory of Syria, said defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, President. Vladimir Putin gave such order, on 11 December.


The Minister of defense and General of the army Sergei Shoigu reported to President Vladimir Putin about the execution of the order on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria, reports “Interfax”.

“Your order for the withdrawal of Russian forces from the Syrian Arab Republic fulfilled,” — said Shoigu Putin during a meeting with defence Ministry officials and commanders of military districts and the Northern fleet.

According to him, in areas of permanent deployment returned 36 planes, four helicopters and six Tu-22 bombers. 157 units of automotive equipment were delivered to Russia by sea transport.

In addition, were taken from Syria, the personnel of the aviation units and special operations experts of the International mine action centre, the soldiers of the battalion of the military police and military doctors.

According to the Minister of defense, only the operation in Syria was attended by 48 thousand Russian soldiers.

Putin ordered the withdrawal of the Russian troops from the Syrian Arab Republic on 11 December, during his visit to the base Hamim.

Then in Syria, on a continuous basis will continue the work of two base — base Hamim and item logistics in Tartus. Military and technology will ensure the functioning of Russian military bases in Syria.

Shoigu also said Putin that in order to facilitate a political settlement in Syria remains Russia’s centre for reconciliation the warring parties, as well as three battalions of military police, who will control the zone of de-escalation.

That the Russian authorities plan to end the military operation in Syria until the end of 2017, the source of RBC in the Ministry of foreign Affairs and the Ministry of defense announced in late November. The interlocutors RBC reported that the order to “leave Syria at first opportunity” faced by Russia for a long time and with the election campaign had nothing to do.