Putin has set the task to build in the Russian army new generation

Putin has set the task to build in the Russian army new generation

The President stressed that Russia “has to be among the leaders, and in some areas — the absolute leader in building the army a new generation.”

BALASHIKHA, 22 Dec. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin believes that the national army must become an absolute leader in the world.

The head of state set the task to build the “army of the era of the new technological order”.

Russia should be among the States leaders and in some areas the absolute leader in building the army a new generation, the army of the new era of technology Wladimir Putin expanded meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of defense of Russia

Putin noted that “in the coming years it is necessary to continue the qualitative development of the Armed forces”. “We see that the world is experiencing a real revolution in the economy, in technology, in knowledge. It is obvious that such a profound transformation can not touch and military spheres, as the armies of the leading countries”, — said the Russian leader. He stressed that “these trends we need not only to consider and to take on the basis of military planning and construction.”

Supreme commander is confident that the creation of the army of the new generation “is essential to ensure our sovereignty, peace and security of our citizens, for the steady development of the country, an open and independent, in the interests of our country’s foreign policy”.

Equipping new weapons

The President said he was pleased with the rearmament of the national army and expects that in three years it equipment new weapons will reach 70%.

“In recent years, was held a really large-scale work, completed by deep structural transformation of the Armed forces, become more effective the whole system of military administration”, — stated the head of state. He noted that “there is a systematic re-equipment of all branches of the armed forces”.

For example, Putin cited some figures: “In 2012 the share of modern weapons and equipment of the troops was 16%, now, in late 2017, about 60%”. “By 2021 is expected to grow to 70%,” set the task of the President.

In his opinion, “large-scale six inspections conducted this year confirmed the high readiness of troops, the ability to quickly reinforce units in the Arctic, to create a self-sufficient, efficient groups on other key defense areas.” He also said that “an important stage combat training” Russian-Belarusian strategic exercises “West-2017”, during which fulfilled the task of ensuring the security of the Union state.

Russia can and is obliged to ensure the defense capability of the country, relying on the defense budget at 2.8% of GDP, Putin said.

“Next year, in the coming year as a percentage of GDP is (the level of defense spending) will be a 2.85 a 2.86% of GDP, and then will decline. The question arises: can we be self-sufficient in these circumstances and with these capabilities, we can securely and certainly to ensure the defense capability of our state? Can, must, and do it”, — Putin said.

The Russian head of state explained that the budget for the defense Department and other military structures that formed a “from the content and equipment.” According to him, both of these components comprise what is called “development”. He noticed that the maintenance can save you money. “In any case, not to squander, not to throw money around like the sower who throws the grains, but the content [should be] modern, worthy of our Armed forces and our servicemen, but quite economical at the same time”, — said the head of state.

According to him, with regard to development, we are talking about modern weapons, the development of new, promising, high-tech, unique and effective weapons. “To achieve these goals, we must be creative, discipline, responsibility, — said Putin. — I have no doubt, and this confidence is based on calculations and our work, we do and will ensure the defense capability of our country.”