Putin and Russian hackers hit the us t-shirt

Putin and Russian hackers hit the us t-shirt

American designer Blake Patterson has released a collection of menswear with a picture of a cartoon of Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to NSN.

The line includes t-shirts, sweatshirt and scarf. On the hoodie stylized old Slavonic print loves you Putin (“Putin loves you”, and the word loves is replaced by a green heart).

American fashion designer Blake Patterson released a Christmas collection, dedicated to Russian President Vladimir Putin. As stated by the designer in a statement today, a press release, he found “inspiration in its respect for the Russian President.” pic.twitter.com/wTEAtI226h

— Alexey Ivanov (@FreshBreeze99) December 22, 2017

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Also, the designer chose prints with jokes on the theme of Russian hackers, allegedly “cracked Christmas”. For example, Russians did it again (“the Russians did it again”) and Christmas is hacked. Gifts for everybody (“Christmas hacked. All the presents!”).

In the words of Patterson, he was inspired by “a respect for the Russian President.” “Christmas is the perfect time to calm down and think about the unification and the world,” said the designer.

Blake Patterson is an American designer, born in Los Angeles, California. Participated in a 14-season television show about fashion Project Runway. Blake under its own brand produces men’s and women’s clothing, has partnered with Macy’s Department stores and the film industry.