Media has announced the recognition of the who game addiction a mental disorder

Media has announced the recognition of the who game addiction a mental disorder

The world health organization (who) for the first time would include gambling in the International classification of diseases, reports the British magazine New Scientist.

This document is used as a leading statistical and classification-based healthcare. The who is revising it every ten years. So, the new edition of the classification of diseases must be published in the following year, the last time the updates in this document as the edition notes, were made 27 years ago, in 1990.

Wording the wording of a new draft International classification of diseases, according to New Scientist, is not yet disclosed, but as the magazine notes, will be set forth the criteria needed to identify the symptoms of gambling addiction.

In the document, according to the magazine, it will be classified as a mental disorder.

Suffering from this disease, according to the who, it will be possible to define, drawing attention to the importance people attached to the games, and if they are given “a higher priority than other interests in life”, man, according to the world health organization, will need to see a specialist for help.

“Gambling can have serious health consequences,” he told New Scientist member of the division of mental health Vladimir Poznyak. In his opinion, “the majority of people who play video games, no disorder, just as most people who consume alcohol there are no violations.” “However, under certain circumstances, overreliance on it may lead to adverse consequences,” said Pozniak.