Cosmonaut showed a huge “Christmas tree”. How to make a photo in space

Cosmonaut showed a huge “Christmas tree”. How to make a photo in space

Russian cosmonaut Sergey Ryazanskiy showed the silhouette of the main symbol of the New year, which can be seen from space. Hi-Tech Mail.Ru to learn how such “space” photos.

“Very glad to be home, on Earth. Here everything feels the approach of the New year! Even in this photograph, taken over Saudi Arabia, symbolic of the visible silhouette of the main character of the upcoming holidays,” — wrote in his Twitter an astronaut.

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How to make photo from space

Many do not know, but these photos from the ISS do with conventional SLR cameras, not for special equipment. On the space station for some reason prefer Nikon equipment. They have 3 Nikon, D800, D4 and D5, as well as a set of lenses with a focal length of from 15 to 800 mm. Further magnify the image using teleconverters with a factor of 1.4; 1.7 and 2.0.