Babies in blankets: in the South-East save animals from the cold

Babies in blankets: in the South-East save animals from the cold

Elephants in Burma reserve closed manually associated with blankets to not freeze from the extreme cold in some countries of South-East Asia.

A cold front came down from China this week affecting many places throughout South East Asia. Many countries as…

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“This week, from China came a cold front, and in Thailand, Myanmar (Burma) and Cambodia fell sharply, the air temperature here is rare,” says Lek Caller, founder of the Save Elephant Foundation (elephant rescue). The Fund has several shelters for the elephants, including in Baan Lao in Myanmar. Here the night temperature dropped to zero, and it is very cold even for a big elephant.

The representative of the orphanage for elephants, told in interview bi-Bi-si, that night in this mountainous Park is constantly lit bonfires in hope though as-that to warm the animals.

Colorful blankets are hand sewn or knitted by the volunteers of the international organization Blankets for Baby Rhinos (Blankets for baby rhinos) that helps wild animals rescued from smugglers.

Adult elephant reserve in Chang Mai in Thailand is also wrapped in blankets. The temperature in the Park dropped to 8 degrees.

Save Elephant Foundation rescues elephants from circuses or from working in the tourism industry or in the logging.