Researchers were told what the product helps to increase intelligence

Researchers were told what the product helps to increase intelligence

MOSCOW, 21 Dec — RIA Novosti. Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania proved that eating fish increases intelligence and promotes better sleep. The study was conducted among children, the results published portal Eurekalert.

Earlier studies showed the influence of fatty acids omega-3 contained in fish, on mental activity, however, the relationship between increasing IQ and improving sleep has been understudied, the authors of the work.

The study involved 541 children from China aged 9 to 11 years — 54% were boys, 46% girls. They answered the question how often they eat fish, and then tested for level of intelligence. At the same time their parents rated quality of sleep in children by answering the relevant questions of scientists.

According to the test results it was found that children who ate fish at least once a week, we recorded fewer sleep disorders. In addition, on average they scored in tests of IQ 4.8 points higher than their peers who use the product infrequently or never.

According to scientists, the results of the research prove the fact that children should be give fish. The child can make it in the food, from the age of two, and the sooner to introduce baby with this product, the better they will perceive it to taste. “The children feel the smell. If they are not used to it, they can avoid eating fish,” explained one of the authors of the study, Jennifer Pinto-Martin.