Named easy way to slow aging

Named easy way to slow aging

Green leafy vegetables slow brain aging, helping to preserve memory and other cognitive functions. To such conclusion the American experts from University Medical center rush. Article scientists published in the journal Neurology. About it reported in a press release on the website

The study involved 960 older people, whose average age was 81 years. They were questioning, putting than they usually eat. Volunteers also annually performed tests of cognitive abilities (attention, memory, thinking). The researchers divided the subjects into five groups according to how often they consumed vegetables, and compared those who ate 1.3 servings of greens a day and those who ate the least (0.1 dose).

Overall, each year the mental abilities of all participants as a whole decreased by 0.08 standard units. However, those who every day was eating a lot of greens, signs of brain aging were evident to a lesser degree. According to the researchers, they are 11 years old were younger than those who did not consume vegetables.