The cast of “twist of fate” commented on the transition film

The cast of “twist of fate” commented on the transition film

MOSCOW, 20 Dec — RIA Novosti. The actors starring in the cult Soviet Comedy of Eldar Ryazanov “Irony of fate or with Light steam” commented on the failure of the First channel from the broadcast of the film on 31 December.

Andrey Myagkov, who played Eugene Lukashin, endorsed the decision of the First channel. “What “Irony” will not show, I can only welcome. Because it is necessary to have a sense of proportion. This is a film that really can be quite good. But it turned into a mockery. My opinion: it is not necessary so often to impose on the viewer a spectacle,” — said the actor in an interview to “360”.

The measure also expressed the view that the Russian cinema it is time to offer viewers a new Christmas hit.

However, as stressed by the artist while doing this no one. “It is not from the pores depends. It depends on the talent of the Director, which, unfortunately, is no,” he said softly.

Barbara Brylska, who plays Nadia, said that in Poland “the Irony” happy New year is not connected. “We also don’t always show,” said the actress.