Named the most popular Russian cat

Named the most popular Russian cat

Company “Medialogia” made a rating of the cats based on their mentioning in the media. The results presented in the release, received by “”.

In the first place was the cat-predictor Achilles from the Hermitage, which began to guess the outcome of the matches of the Confederations Cup in football. News of “Hermitage cat Achilles was a predictor of the Confederations Cup football” quoted more than 300 thousand times.

The second was a cat-sailor Sergei, who participated in the campaign of Russian ships to Syria (138,1 thousand references), third place went to the cat World, gifted to the Japanese Governor by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin (71,5 thousand).

First cat, who participated in the long March of warships of the Russian Navy to the shores of Syria

Published by the Ministry of defence may 1, 2017At boot time the error occurred.Cat-sailor Sergei Ivanovich

The five most popular cats entered the cat, remaining in Sweden after the deportation of the owner, who tried to illegally cross the border to pick up pet and a black cat, with impunity, drank water from a Cup of the mayor of Riga.

During the formation of the rating was analyzed about 40 thousand sources, according to its authors. The study was conducted from January to December 2017.