38 parrots: experimental verification

38 parrots: experimental verification

Most of my life we are dealing with a very inexact math — we need to know the order of magnitude than exact values, so funny famous ad about “how many to hang up in grams”. But when this method is beyond the boundaries of everyday reality (which is constantly giving us amendments), we often can not understand how greatly mistaken.

The story with the “38 parrots” demonstrates that imprecise estimates are not always motivated assumptions and simplifications (in the absence of the ability check) can get very far, especially if you admit your own mistakes.

But Parrot, a Boa constrictor, a Monkey, and Elephant exist, and you can check how far our estimates for frames of the cartoon, gone from reality.

For this I went to the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”. The staff of the Museum, the Studio thought I was somewhat crazy, but still agreed to help — open the window and get out of the dolls.

Animated dolls, the characters are puppet animation, consist of a metal frame. Moving parts are joined together using a special ball joints. Inside they are filled with special foam, outside covered with fabric and painted.

As a rule, for every cartoon made two sets of dolls, not to stop capturing, if one doll happened some kind of failure. In the process they pretty much wear, which can be seen in the picture.

If you shoot a series of short cartoons, often with breaks of a year or more, there may be other sets of dolls, and sometimes markedly different from the original. In the case of the film series “38 parrots” this can be seen on the skin of the Boa: in one of the issues the pattern on it consists of triangles, and in the other of flowers.

In the Museum of the Soyuzmultfilm kept the “flower” a Boa constrictor.

All figures, except the Parrot, attached to the stand with pins, and remove them from the stand is not recommended — it is a Museum piece. But the Parrot is not fixed so we were able to shoot it relatively accurately measured.

We got that the height of a tuft is 171 mm (to divisions on a ruler, you need to add six millimeters, it is not starting from scratch), without Pappus — 126 mm, foot length is approximately 26 millimeters. Parrot wing, by the way, is 50 millimeters.

With Boa it was more difficult to deploy it impossible, had spread along his body thread, turned out of 121 cm. Thus, if the measure Boa parrots (height growth with Pappus), his length is 7.1 parrot (previously we have measured it in parrots mediated Monkeys, based on the frames of the cartoon and we went to 9.8).