The most expensive: how much will be spent on presidential elections

The most expensive: how much will be spent on presidential elections

Campaign 2018 the budget will spend a record of 17.69 billion rubles, follows from the decision of the CEC. According to the schedule of the elections, independent candidates may to 7 January.

Costs are rising

Monday, December 18, members of the Central election Commission (CEC) approved public spending on presidential elections of 2018.

According to the CEC decision on the allocation of funds from the Federal budget on financial provision of elections (there RBC), total for the campaign will be spent of 17.69 billion rubles, which is almost 3 billion rubles more than planned a year ago.

The increase in costs including the increase in term of work of election commissions, said RBC Deputy Chairman of the Central electoral Commission Nikolay Bulaev (earlier the state Duma has increased term of information work of precinct election commissions from 10 to 30 days before election day).

These elections will be the most expensive in this century, in absolute terms.

In 2012, the presidential campaign has cost the state 10.69 billion rubles, in 2008 — 4.69 billion roubles, in 2004 — 2.56 billion.

In dollar terms more expensive was the 2012 election — $333 million compared to the current $303 million at the average exchange rate.

From selection to election funds a large part will go to the election commissions of 17.46 bn RUB.; 123 million rubles will receive the state agencies that are engaged in registration and voter registration — the Federal migration service, registry offices, military offices and consulates.69 billion rubles, follows from the decision. These funds will be spent on additional labor and charges to the representatives of the CEC (93,2 million rubles), travel (8 million rubles), connection (1,5 million rubles), printed materials (43,8 thousand RUB.) and additional costs (6.1 million rubles).


The payment of election officials is always the major item of expenditure on elections, said RBC two sources close to the CEC and confirmed Bulaev.

This article will take about 70-80% of the total amount allocated for elections. According to interlocutors of RBC, then the volume followed by spending on information work (10-20%), transport (3-5%) and production of ballot papers and special stamps for voting on the location (1-2%).

Under the information work means the making of posters, videos, banners and invitations urging them to come to the polls, told RBC the head of expert group under CEC Andrey Buzin. This part of the work for the CEC performed by the company “IMA-consulting”; delivering the content will deal with the holding company “Mikhailov and partners”. The CEC Chairman, Ella Pamfilova said earlier that advocacy of the election will spend about 770 million rubles (22% of total costs).

In estimates not included video surveillance. It, according to Elder, will pay the Federal government through its contractor — “Rostelecom”. A division of this company — “Rostelecom Contact-center” will be responsible for the work of the reference centre of the CEC.