The Ministry of labor reported inability to increase the population due to birth rate

The Ministry of labor reported inability to increase the population due to birth rate

According to the head of the Agency in the coming years in Russia, the number of women of reproductive age will decrease by more than a quarter and the situation with birth rate in the country improves.

The birth rate in Russia is insufficient to ensure population growth, and in the coming years the situation will only get worse, warned the head of the Ministry of labour and social protection Maxim Topilin.

“The birth rate today is not the factor, not the instrument and not the element of the demographic policy, which can give the increase of the population,” the Minister stated (quoted by “RIA Novosti”) on the forum of the Russian popular front (onf).

According to Topilin, in the coming years the number of people living in Russia of women of childbearing age will decline by a quarter or even more.

“The number of women of reproductive age until 2032 or 2035 will decrease by 28%. To assume that in this situation, the absolute number of births will remain at about 1.8−1.9 million do not have, unfortunately,” — said Topilin.

At the same time the Minister emphasized that birth rates Russia is still “in very good situation compared to developed European countries,” what can be said about mortality.

“If we in the short term will not be able to reduce the death rate to 1.5 million people a year, no results from the point of view of natural increase will not achieve”, — the Minister added.

In 2016 in Russia, according to Rosstat, died approximately 1.89 million people. Compared to the previous year, the mortality rate has slightly decreased (in 2015 was 1.9 million deaths), but despite this, the natural increase of the population for the first time in three years was replaced by a decline because of the marked decline in the fertility rate (from 1.94 million to 1,888 million).

In mid-June of 2017 Putin urged the authorities not to be greedy, pursuing a policy aimed at stimulating the birth rate. NewsWhen the Russians most often give birth and are planning a pregnancy

The announcement came against the backdrop of deteriorating demographic situation — only for January—may 2017 the natural decrease of the population due to excess of deaths over births amounted to 111,8 thousand people, which is almost three times higher than the rate of natural attrition in the first five months of 2016 (41,6 thousand).

In January—September 2017 the natural decline of the population of Russia, according to Rosstat, amounted to 106.2 thousand people, and for the first nine months of the year 2016 the number of births exceeded the number of deaths 18,2 thousand people. The main reason for the change of the trend was a sharp decline in fertility, the annual number of births fell by almost 164 thousand. In General in Russia in January—September 2017 the number of deaths exceeded the number of births 8.3%, and in some regions the death rate exceeded the birth rate by 1.5−1.8 times.

In late September the head of the Ministry Maxim Oreshkin called the demographic situation in Russia one of the worst in the world, warning that in the next five to six years Russia will lose annually about 800 thousand people, attributable to the statistics of the able-bodied population.

In late November, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the “reset” policy of “demographic development” of Russia, announcing the introduction in 2018 of monthly payments to families with a first child was born.

“It is necessary to take measures that will prevent a declining population of Russia. There need active consistent work in all areas, and to reduce mortality, and to stimulate the birth rate — in fact, we need to reboot our policy of demographic development”, — said the President.