The banks will share with the security of biometrics of citizens

The banks will share with the security of biometrics of citizens

Biometric system — part of the process of remote identification of the Russians, which will allow them to obtain financial and other services online. The system should work so: the client is the primary identity — at the Bank, with a passport. The Bank sends its data to a Single system of identification and authentication (portal), takes off on video his face and records the voice.

These data will be stored in the biometric system, and the client will be able to apply for online service of any Bank, he will only need to enter the username and password of an account on the portal, then the code from the SMS and using the camera on your computer or phone to transfer data voice and face for verification.

The operator of a biometric system will provide the interior Ministry and FSB data from the system, said the bill on the biometric system and the remote identification of citizens that the state Duma adopted in the second reading on Friday. The order of this interaction will determine the government.

The law on personal data allows the interior Ministry to collect and process biometric personal data without the consent of whose these the data for tasks assigned to the Ministry of internal Affairs, specifies the managing partner of the consulting Agency “emelyannikov, Popova and partners,” Mikhail emelyannikov.

“In cases with banks is not quite right,” he continues, ” the processing of data of the Ministry of interior does not correspond to the purpose declared in their collection: to obtain banking services without turnout to the Bank. This is not consistent with the law, it is forbidden to process personal data for purposes not listed in their collection”.

“Law enforcement will not have continuous access to this system, the data will be provide upon request. Access will be only on the basis of the powers established by law for law enforcement agencies,” — says the Chairman of the Duma Committee on financial market, co-author of the bill and Chairman of the Board of the Association of banks “Russia” Anatoly Aksakov.