Role in history: how politicians acted in films

Role in history: how politicians acted in films

As politicians tried themselves as actors and what they did in the review of the RBC (professional actors, has made a political career in review not included).

As it became known to TV channel “Rain”, Vladimir Putin in the 1970-ies she starred in several films “Lenfilm” as a stuntman. This confirmed the information to channel his former partners in the shots — ex-Deputy of the state Duma, the President of the International Sambo Federation Vasily Shestakov and former wrestler Nikolay Vashchilin, who, like Putin, a judo coach Anatoly Rachlin.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia

In the 1970-ies Vladimir Putin starred in the films “Lenfilm” “the Izhora battalion” and “Blockade” as a stuntman. About this informed the TV channel “Rain” with reference to friends of Putin on the set. His partners on the film “the Izhora battalion” became the businessman Arkady Rotenberg, whom they then worked together in judo, and a former state Duma Deputy, President of International Sambo Federation Vasily Shestakov. He said “Rain” on movie the past Putin. According to Shestakov, was the third film in which they both participated, but the name he could not remember. Athletes were involved in the shooting because of “Lenfilm” was not yet a full-fledged team of stuntmen.

“We didn’t care whom to play, recalls Shestakov. — We paid for it very good pay in those days”.

We students were, and could go to the restaurant “Caucasian”, for example. If I have engineer salary was 110 rubles., then when the shooting went, I was 75 RUB. those were good money.Vasily Restatement of the International Sambo Federation

Donald trump, the President of the United States

Elected 2016 President of the United States Donald trump starred as an actor in two dozen films and TV series, in which mostly played itself. Among his most famous cameo role in the movie “home Alone 2: Lost in new York” and “Zoolander” and in the TV series “Sex in the city”.

The film “home Alone 2: Lost in new York” said that the involvement of trump in the movie was essential to ensure that the group was allowed to shoot he owns the hotel.

Dmitry Medvedev, Prime Minister of Russia

Dmitry Medvedev when he occupied the post of the President of Russia, played himself in a cameo role in the movie “Christmas Tree”, which was released in 2010. He later said that he did not have long to persuade, but complained that it was uncomfortable to say the word “Lord” in the remark: “For father Frost hope, and itself not make a mistake!”.

Ramzan Kadyrov, head of Chechnya

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov in 2014 he said he starred in the play the short film “Magic comb”. In the story the hero Kadyrov finds a helmet which transports him to the past. In his Instagram, the politician said that the movie was filmed “in a short time, one camera, without a single take, with virtually no financial costs.”

The film shows how beautiful our ancestors lived, as respectful to each other, well-received guests, loved to work and raise warriors, brave boys.Ramzan Kadyrov The Head Of Chechnya

Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Minister of internal Affairs

Appointed in 2012, interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev in mid-1990-ies appeared in the detective series “On the corner near the Patriarchal”. Kolokoltsev, who then worked in the police, played the role of the authorized operations.
Mikhail Men, Minister of construction and housing and communal services

The head of the Ministry of construction, Mikhail Men in childhood starred in the television movie “Deniskin stories” and played a major role. Subsequently Men graduated from the directing Department of the Moscow state University of culture and became the bass guitarist of the rock group “the Bridge”. In the late 1980-ies the future Minister worked in cultural institutions in Moscow and Moscow region. In one of his interviews he recounted that chose this path, because they knew that the son of an Orthodox priest in the Soviet Union has no prospects for demonstration of organizational skills in any other field besides creative.
Andrei Belyaninov, head of FCS

The head of the Federal customs service Andrei Belyaninov in his childhood he starred in the film “Children of don Quixote” in 1966. With him on the tape were working such famous actors as Anatoliy Papanov and Ghostface Killah. Since in the movie Belyaninov did not appear.
Vitaly Churkin, former permanent representative of Russia to the UN

The late Soviet and Russian diplomat Vitaly Churkin, until 2017, who held the post of permanent representative of Russia to the UN, a child starred in the three Soviet films: “the Blue notebook”, “Zero to three” and “mother’s Heart”.

Vladimir Markin, the former head of the press service of the Investigative Committee of Russia

In 2014 the then head of the Department of interaction with mass media of Investigatory Committee of Russia Vladimir Markin has starred in the anti-corruption Comedy “fool’s Day”. For the premiere it came with a copy of the “Oscar” in his hands and told the journalists about his role.

My role in the film is very conventional, but I was interested to participate in the film, which the authors humor approached the problem of corruption in Russia.Vladimir Markin, the Head of Department of interaction with mass media of Investigatory Committee of Russia

Vladimir Semago, a former Deputy of the state Duma

Businessman Vladimir Semago, who held the post of the Deputy of the state Duma in the 1990s and 2006-2007, he starred in the role of the investigator in the film Stanislav Govorukhin “the Voroshilovsky shooter”, which was released in 1999. The politician and the businessman played in nine paintings, one of them also became a producer.

Philip Aleksenko