Rogozin presented the Russian technology liquid breathing

Rogozin presented the Russian technology liquid breathing

MOSCOW, 19 Jul — RIA Novosti. Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin on Tuesday presented to the President of Serbia Alexander Vucic the latest Russian developments, including a unique project liquid breathing.

Especially for Vucic held a demonstration in the Dachshund: a dog was placed in a special tank with liquid in a few minutes the animal was accustomed to the new environment and began to breathe normally.

After that, the laboratory staff removed the animal from the tank, wiped it with a towel, and head of the Serbian delegation was able to see that the dog is all right.

Vucic stroked the dog and said that “very impressed” what they saw.

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This development of the Foundation for advanced studies (FPI), according to the project Manager Fedor Arseniev, will help to solve several important problems: for example, to save the sailors with suffering wreck of the submarine.

The fact that at depths of more than 100 meters, quickly come to the surface is impossible due to decompression sickness, which occurs when “the effect of boiling blood”, which clogs the blood vessels and kills the man.

To avoid this, the emergency submarine you can wear a special device that will contain the liquid that does not contain any nitrogen, “human lungs are not compressed, allowing the submarine to rise quickly to the surface and be saved.”

In addition, the development will help to bear premature babies. The system also can be used to help people who received burns of the respiratory tract.

Rogozin stressed that this is only one of the developments was established in 2012, FPI, which specializiruetsya on breakthrough research in various fields of science and technology.

“(It) is the same tomorrow, where we’re headed,” said Deputy Prime Minister.