Recruited a Norwegian spy was the Moscow district

Recruited a Norwegian spy was the Moscow district

24-year-old Alex Gitnik, who was accused of spying on the associated with the arrest of the Norwegian case, before his arrest — at least in 2017 — worked as a district by the Commissioner of police in the district of North Medvedkovo. About this “Vedomosti” said a police source.

Press Secretary of the Lefortovo court Ekaterina Krasnova said that his really name is Alexey Pavlovich. On the websites of various police units of the Moi in Moscow was posted information about the precinct the senior Lieutenant of police A. P. Itnike serving plot No. 7 OMVD on area Northern Medvedkovo.

In his report on the work on-site for the 2016 senior Lieutenant of Zitnik notify the inhabitants of their mobile phone, which requests to seek “assistance to establish and identify facts of violations of migration legislation”. This phone during calls “Statements” was out of range of the network.

Phone the Norwegian Embassy did not respond in connection with the celebration of Christmas. The FSB was not ready for immediate comment.

Press Secretary of the Lefortovo court of Moscow Ekaterina Krasnova today confirmed to “Vedomosti” on 5 December (for the period until 5 Feb) the court was arrested a citizen of Norway, Frode Berg, accused of espionage (article 276 of the Russian criminal code). Earlier on 30 November, according to the article 275 of the criminal code (treason) was arrested 24-year-old Russian citizen Alexey Zitnik, said Krasnov.

According to the Agency “Rosbalt”, the Norwegian was caught red-handed in date of transmission of Januka secret information about the Navy of Russia, this information was passed to CIA. According to a source close to Russian intelligence services, it can be assumed that the Norwegians were primarily interested in information about the Northern fleet.