NASA showed the supersonic flight of the aircraft in the Sun

NASA showed the supersonic flight of the aircraft in the Sun

The video was taken the schlieren technique to study shock waves.

NASA released a video of flight training aircraft T-38 Talon supersonic in the Sun. It was made the schlieren technique to study shock waves generated at the edges of the airframe. Photos and videos of shock waves are necessary for the NASA experts for studies that are conducted in frame of the project on the development of “quiet” supersonic aircraft.

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The schlieren method is one of the main ways of studying air flow in the design and testing of new aviation technology.

This method allows to detect optical inhomogeneities in transparent refractive media. In the schlieren photography uses a special lens with a cut-off aperture.

In such cameras, the direct rays pass through lens and focus on the shut-off diaphragm, which is also called Foucault knife. In this case the reflected and diffused light lens is not focused on the knife and falls on the matrix camera. Due to this weakened the scattered and mirrored refractions in the air, the light is not lost in direct sunlight.

In the published video are clearly visible shock wave. They represent areas where the pressure and temperature environment experience a sudden and strong surge. Shock wave perceived by the observer on the ground as an explosion or very loud depending on the distance from a supersonic object.

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The sound of an explosion by shock waves is called is called sound shot, and he is one of the main obstacles to the development of supersonic passenger aviation. Currently, aviation regulations prohibit supersonic flights over populated parts of the land.

The aeronautical authorities may allow supersonic flights over populated part of the land, if you perceive the noise of passenger aircraft will not exceed 75 decibels. In order to make the existence of a civil supersonic aviation possible, developers today are looking for different technical ways to make a new aircraft “quiet”.

In flight at supersonic speed of the aircraft creates a lot of shock waves. They usually occur on the tip of the nose cone on the front and rear edges of the wing, on the leading edges of the tail, in the areas of swirlers flow and on the edges of the air intakes.