Experiment RIAMA: how to choose caviar for the New year

Experiment RIAMA: how to choose caviar for the New year

Edition RIAMA chose the most delicious red caviar for the Christmas table.

Sandwiches with caviar — a symbol of New year in Russia as champagne, tangerines and Olivier salad. However, not all the eggs that are sold in supermarkets as salmon, good quality. Often manufacturers under the guise of fish sell artificial eggs made of milk, eggs, gelatin and dyes or mixed with natural caviar from its substitutes. Journalists RIAMA tested caviar from different manufacturers and determined which are not ashamed to apply for a celebratory table.

The terms and purpose of the experiment

For the experiment, we chose five popular types of red caviar: salmon caviar, “Putin”, in green the iron Bank at a price of 389 rubles for 95 g, salmon caviar “Avacha” in green W/b (price — 349 rubles per 140 grams), caviar “Meridian” in the glass — 699 rubles per 115 gram pink salmon caviar “Russian sea” in a glass jar grainy — 1359 rubles per 210 grams, caviar salmon granular in bulk — 758 rubles per 200 grams. All the eggs purchased in the supermarket network.

Participants in the tasting were 13 journalists RIAMA, who blind tasted five types of sandwiches with red caviar. Tasters evaluated the appearance of the calf, odor, shell, size and color of eggs, as well as the finish. The rating was put on a 5-point scale.

When evaluating calf came from the fact that the natural caviar needs to Shine, not to have a smell of oil and grease, the taste is moderately salty, with a fresh sea smell, the eggs must be solid and without mucus and plaque.

1-e a place. The caviar, “Putin” losieva granular

Total score: 54.

Price: 389 rubles for 95 grams.

The absolute leader at the end of the tasting was the caviar losieva grainy “Putin” in the familiar green iron Bank. Participants noted that caviar is juicy, moderately salty and solid, and the eggs are pleasantly burst in your mouth. Five members of the tasting said that it is the largest of all presented in the experiment, eight participants among the advantages noted pleasant fishy smell and a nice bright color that will look advantageous in any dish on the Christmas table.

However, two respondents named the color of eggs is unnatural. “She’s definitely the real one?”, they asked. As for consistency, half of the participants noted that the liquid eggs, although this does not spoil the General impression. For the price, this caviar is the cheapest of those that participated in the experiment.

2-e a place. Pink salmon caviar “Russian sea”

Total score: 45.

Price: 679 rubles per 105 grams.