10 most unusual Christmas trees of Moscow

10 most unusual Christmas trees of Moscow

New year holidays — the best time to give the children a story. In the best Christmas show of the capital.

1. A surreal show of Ilya Averbuch “Alice in Wonderland”

Address: Ice Palace, Russia (Moscow, St. Avtozavodskaya, possession And 23).

Dates: 27 Dec — 8 Jan.

Age: 3+

Ticket price: from 1000 to 4000 rubles. Children under 3 years pass under one ticket with the adult, without the right to occupy a seat.

Website: icetickets.EN/

“Alice in Wonderland” promises to be the most high-tech of all the previously created Christmas ice show using 3D mapping, which will complement the phantasmagoric world of Alice.

“It will be incredible beauty and wonder of the show. I plan to use all surface of the room, including the ceiling, we will do a terrific mapping, add a lot of complicated acrobatics of the circus”, — said Ilya Averbukh.

Viewers will see elements of increased complexity and the highest level of figure skating, at the level of the best athletes of Europe and the world, because the ice will be two-time Olympic Champions Tatiana Volosozhar, and Maxim Trankov, Ekaterina Gordeeva and world Champions Maria Petrova and Alexei Tikhonov and many others.

2. Scientific Christmas tree WoW! HoW? in the Russian Academy of Sciences

Address: Russian Academy of Sciences (Leninsky prospect, 32A).

Dates: 22 Dec — 6 Jan.

Age: 6+

Cost of tickets: from 590 to 4990 RUB. the value of the gift: 690 RUB.

Website: www.elkawowhow.ru

Large-scale 3D laser show with projections, and three-dimensional decorations will immerse the audience in the sci-Fi world. Huge resonant transformers — Tesla coil, hundreds of liters of liquid nitrogen, giant barrels and flasks with reagents will turn the stage into a genuine laboratory.

The show’s host — a mysterious mage and scholar, Nicholas, who turns out to be none other than the legendary inventor Nikola Tesla. Will meet the audience and other great scientific minds of the past — Mendeleev, Edison and Leonardo da Vinci.

Scientific guests of the Christmas tree can become a co-driver of the Mars station, to tame electricity, to construct the city of the future, and much more. And in the end all waiting for, of course, a gift from Santa Claus, but, of course, not simple, but also scientific.

3. Angry Birds save New year

Address: the Loft Event Lounge, Leninskaya Sloboda, d. 26.

Dates: 27 Dec — 8 Jan.

Age: 0+

Ticket price: from 1700 to 2950 RUB Children up to 4 years free entrance.

Website: abshow.ru

At the time of the Christmas holidays in the vast territory of the Loft Event Hall will unfold the new year show “Angry Birds: save the New year”. There will erect a true American amusement Park with twenty interactive areas, eleven giant figures of characters in pnevmokoccom, a giant slingshot, which can shoot wishing all ages, music, rides and gifts.

3D projection a few times will change the site of the holiday beyond recognition. Little spectators and their parents in the company of strong red, vibrant Chuck and sociable fun-Lovin ‘ Bomb over and over again will come face to face with the main enemy of birds — King Pig. What’s he doing this time? Did he really dare to kidnap the New year, his guardian — Santa Claus and leave children without gifts?