Upgrading the U.S. air base in Eastern Europe for $ 200 million

The United States intends to spend $ 214 million on the construction and modernization of air bases in Iceland, Norway and Eastern Europe to “deter Russian aggression.” This writes the newspaper Air Force Times.

According to the signed by President trump 12 Dec military budget, the air force gets the right to buy and develop land outside the country.

According to Air Force Times, some of these bases will place the F-22 Raptor and F-35. The group plans to strengthen the intelligence machinery to hunt for Russian submarines in the North and Baltic seas.

In particular, on the basis of Keflavik in Iceland over 14 million plan to build hangars for anti-submarine patrol aircraft Boeing P-8 Poseidon, the Hungarian air force base of Kecskemet will invest 55 million. This money will expand fuel storage, a parallel taxiway and upgraded runway.

Only the US military budget for 2018 “containment” of Russia in Europe allocated $ 4.6 billion, of which 350 million will be allocated for the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. The total budget for the U.S. Department of defense is 700 billion dollars.

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