To smoke in a passenger plane urgently landed in Volgograd

Employees of the transport police of the airport of Volgograd was removed from the flight the passenger to smoke during the flight from Nazran to Moscow. On Sunday, December 17, reported on the website of the Department of transport of the MIA of Russia in the Volga Federal district.

According to the Department, in a call center of linear Department of police Volgograd international airport received a message about the urgent need for police presence in the plane that made an emergency landing.

Arrived on Board, police learned that during the flight one of the passengers lit a cigarette. In the end, the aircraft commander was forced to refuse the 36-year-old man in flight.

The offender was removed from the flight, employees of the transport police took him to the office. Was drawn up on an administrative offense under part 6 of article 11.17 (“the failure of the persons aboard the aircraft, lawful orders of the aircraft commander”) and article 6.24 of the administrative code (“Violation of a Federal law banning tobacco Smoking on certain territories, in rooms and on objects”).

In July, the plane, carrying out flight on a route Makhachkala — Saint-Petersburg, made an emergency landing at Moscow’s Vnukovo airport for removal from the flight of the passenger to smoke on Board.

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