Smartphones recognized threat to the health

The California Department of health published a report about the health hazards posed by abandoned next to a sleeping man smartphones. According to the authors of the document, there is increasing evidence that electromagnetic radiation from gadgets increases the risk of cancer and infertility. This was reported on the website of the Department.

According to a press release of the Department, although not identified a clear link between smartphones and various diseases, the available data are sufficient to warn users, especially children, about the potential risk of the gadgets. Experts recommend that smartphones, while they are not used, must be located at a distance of one or a few meters away from the body.

The report also notes that the use of gadgets that could harm the sleep of adolescents, their mental health and contribute to attention disorders. However, the danger may be also radio-frequency radiation emitted by the devices. It can affect the quality of sperm in men who carry devices in their pockets, the document says. Experts advise not to leave the smart phones under the pillow or on the nightstand beside the bed during sleep.

In 2015, the American psychologists have come to the conclusion that mobile applications that are used to calm crying children, can impede normal development of the emotional sphere.

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