Porsche refused to read the letters his superiors in the evenings

Porsche refused to read the letters his superiors in the evenings

The trade Union Committee of Porsche is preparing agreements, under which employees of the company exempt from the obligation to read the letters from the management coming to office e-mail during off hours, according to the newspaper Stuttgarter Nachrichten.

According to the head of the trade Union Uwe Huka, the need to keep a track of office correspondence and creates undue stress for employees.

“Reading emails from his superiors in the evenings and writing answers to them is unpaid overtime, it increases the level of stress that is simply unacceptable,” says-Hyuk.

Developed by the trade Union amendment to employment agreement provide for the blocking of email accounts, the majority of employees daily from 19.00 to 6.00, and on weekends and holidays.

Letters, coming at this time should be returned to the sender, not getting into mailboxes.

Workers of Volkswagen — Porsche’s parent company — currently deprived of the opportunity to read the official correspondence after 18.00 and on weekends. However, coming at this time, the emails are not deleted and remain in the locked mailboxes, so they can be read on the morning of the working day. However, according to Chuka, this is not enough.

“What good is blocking mail if, after the arrival to the office you first have to shovel tons of messages,” says-Hyuk.

According to him, the need of stricter standards, providing employees with comfortable working conditions, will become more acute with increasing deficit of qualified personnel.

However, to apply the new provision selectively, says-Hyuk. Managers who receive bonuses for overtime work, according to him, can read the letter and in the evening.