Kill people the President of the Philippines attended the happiness of gays

Rodrigo Duterte

The President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte said that he has changed his views on sexual matters and from now on advocates of same-sex marriage. He said this, speaking at a meeting of the LGBT community in his hometown of Davao city, reports the New York Post.

According to the head of state, he is even ready to make the necessary changes to the Family code of the country. “Why impose a morality that no longer works?” — asked the President, adding that he is for gay marriage, “since it’s the trend of modern time.”

“If it will make you more happy, then I’m for it,” he said. The President also invited those present to elect a candidate who will represent their interests in government.

According to The Telegraph, informed Duterte had a reputation in local media a staunch opponent of same-sex unions, stating that marriage in the Philippines is only the Union of man and woman. According to the publication the Inquirer, the President admitted that he has relatives homosexuals. In addition, Duterte joked that he was thinking of becoming bisexual.

Philippine President known for his controversial statements. So, in November of this year, he admitted that as a teenager during the stabbing killed a man. According to the Philippine leader, it happened when he was 16 years old. In 2015, Duterte also confessed to killing a man during a knife fight on the beach.

The President also vowed to kill officials involved in the drug trade, and threatened to eat the liver of extremists from grouping “Abu Sayyaf”.

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