In the prestigious Lyceum joked about Chechnya with a pig head

The Prosecutor’s office of the Kaliningrad region was required to consider the compliance office of the Director Lyceum № 49. The institution held an event with the prohibited paraphernalia, the report said Supervisory authority.

It turned out that at the end of October at the Lyceum in accordance with the approved by the Director of the Lyceum of the plan of educational work was held the traditional annual initiation in students with the stated theme of “subculture”. The broadcast of the event students were on the Internet. In particular, it was filmed a bottle of vodka, condoms, cut off pig’s head and Teens in sports clothes with an inscription on the body “Chechnya — this is cool.”

The Prosecutor’s office said that the alleged class teacher scenarios included the game in such a subculture, as “sports fans”, “Ravers”, “primary”, “Goths”, “hippies” and “freaks” and was coordinated with the Deputy Director on educational work and brought to the attention of the Director of the Lyceum. But the competitions were held in the absence of teachers and in the quality of details used of prohibited paraphernalia, “including not complying with sanitary-epidemiological norms”.

In supervising Department have come to the conclusion that the theme of the festival “not only do not meet the objectives of the educational organizations for Patriotic education of citizens of the Russian Federation, but in direct violation of established Federal legislation banning the promotion and popularization of drinking alcoholic beverages, using drugs, propaganda of suicide”. The test was conducted after publications in the media, which dubbed games initiation in students “teen coven”.

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