Found a way to cope with obesity epidemic

Researchers from John Hopkins University came to the conclusion that labels warning of the dangers of consuming soda and other sugary drinks, will help to prevent the spread of obesity. About it reported in a press release on the website MedicalXpress.

The study used a computer model based on real data, simulating the consumption of the population of the United States of food and drinks containing sugar. Scientists have discovered that the presence of warning labels in grocery stores in three U.S. cities (Baltimore, San Francisco and Philadelphia) reduce the prevalence of obesity and overweight. The labels contained a message stating that sugar contributes to tooth decay, weight gain and diabetes.

According to experts, the warning label is able to reduce the likelihood that people will buy a sweet drink, four percent.

A computer model called “Virtual population for the prevention of obesity”, reminiscent of the game SimCity. It includes the urban population, consisting of individuals, as well as shops. The people in the simulation go about their daily business, occasionally ordering drinks in cafes and shops. When placing warning labels in supermarkets, the prevalence of obesity decreased by 0.94 percent in Baltimore, 0.41 percent in San Francisco and 0.85 percent in Philadelphia.

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