The new government of Austria has decided to cancel anti-Russian sanctions

Heinz-Christian strache and Sebastian Kurz

The new government of Austria aims to take active measures for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions imposed by the European Union in connection with the conflict in Ukraine. This is with reference to the program of the future Cabinet of the country in the years 2017-2022 reports TASS.

“Austria will be actively advocating to eliminate the arisen, especially due to the conflict in Ukraine tensions and related sanctions in the European spirit and efforts for settlement of the conflict in and around Ukraine”, — the document says.

The policy also stated that Austria has as a historical connecting link to be an active place for dialogue between East and West and boost the policy of détente between the West and Russia.

October 15, in Austria, elections to the national Council (lower house of Parliament). The victory was clinched by the Austrian people’s party. On Saturday, the leader of this party, Sebastian Kurz and the head of the Austrian freedom party (third place) Heinz-Christian strache announced the formation of a coalition government.

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