The head of the British foreign Minister has compared Russia with Sparta

Boris Johnson

The British foreign Secretary Boris Johnson compared the confrontation between Russia and the West with the history of the hostility of the Greek city-States of Sparta and Athens. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the interview of Johnson by the Sunday Times.

“I read the history of the Peloponnesian war of Thucydides. For me it was obvious that Athens and their democracy, their openness, their culture and civilization was similar to the United States and the West. Russia for me were the closed, unfriendly, militaristic and anti-democratic as Sparta,” — said the head of Department.

Johnson noted that in relations between Moscow and the West were “a time of hope and change” after the destruction of the Berlin wall, but on the background of the current crisis in relations “seems to be an absolute illusion.”

As an example of the hostility of Russia to the interests of the West Johnson called the events around the Crimea in 2014, also stating about a certain destabilizing activity of Moscow in the Balkans.

However, Johnson is convinced of the need to conduct a dialogue with Moscow. “We must be firm, we must be vigilant, but must interact. Together, we defeated Nazism. We must cooperate to defeat Islamic terrorism,” quotes his words TASS.

According to the Sunday Times, Boris Johnson must come to Moscow for a visit on Thursday, December 21.

The Peloponnesian war was waged in Ancient Greece from 431 until 404 BC. It Delian League led by Athens against the Peloponnesian Alliance led by Sparta. At the end of this war Athens surrendered.

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