Suicide bombers in Pakistan have shot and blew up the congregation of the Christian Church

Quetta, December 17

Two suicide bombers dressed in vests Packed with explosives attacked a Christian Church in the city of Quetta in the southwestern Pakistani province of Balochistan. About it reports The Independent.

The militants opened fire from machine guns and tried to break into the Church building, but in a gunfight with them came the guards. “We killed one, the second exploded when he got shot,” explained the local police chief Moazzam JI.

According to him, in the time of the attack in the temple was about 400 believers. However, in the attack five people died, 18 were injured.

The police chief of Balochistan Moazzam Ansari praised the work of guarding the Church of the members of the security forces. According to him, if terrorists managed to detonate a bomb inside, the victims would have been much more.

Currently, police are tracing two possible accomplices to the attackers who managed to escape. No one acting in the region group has not claimed responsibility for the attack.

Baluchistan province bordering Iran and Afghanistan. It is home to a large number of Afghan refugees and the attacks occur regularly. Mostly they are satisfied militants of the Pakistani Taliban based in the Pashtun populated area in the North of the province, and the forces of the Liberation army and Baluchistan, Jundallah, advocating for the independence of the region.

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