Shinzo Abe made an account on Instagram

Shinzo Abe made an account on Instagram

TOKYO, December 17. /Offset. TASS Cyril Agafonov. The Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe signed up to Instagram and published the first post, vowing to wage an account in this social network in 2018.

For two days the publication gained about 15 thousand “likes”, and already verified the page was signed by almost 38 thousand users. In Instagram, the Prime Minister uses nick shinzo_abe921, a set of numbers in it probably indicates his birthday — September 21.

In his first publication, the Prime Minister of Japan, posted a photo which depicted his picture, inserted in a brown frame with a white background and a plaque with his name and the logo of the popular TV shows. The publication contains hashtags “first post” and “novice.”

Yet, Abe was signed by only six accounts belonging to his wife Akie Abe, a policy of Toru Hashimoto, headed by the liberal democratic party, which completed his career figure skater Mao Asada and two members of his Cabinet Minister for administrative Affairs and communications Seyko Node and the Minister of economy, trade and industry Hiroshige Seko also responsible for the development of economic relations with Russia. Of these, only verified account Akie.

Social network Instagram in Japan, as elsewhere in the world, is now rapidly gaining popularity primarily among young people. Version Japanese publisher “Jee kokuminsha of” the most fashionable word in the Japanese language in the year 2017 has become the expression “Insta-baeh”, which literally translates as “sparkle in Instagram” and refers good the resulting picture for Instagram.