Police have closed a girl from her stepfather shot and killed

Police have closed a girl from her stepfather shot and killed

Police in Krasnoyarsk region died saving a girl from the shots of her stepfather. This was reported on the website of the regional Directorate of the interior Ministry on Sunday, December 17.

Last night in another part of the city Divnogorsk turned 19-year-old girl, who told him that the house she is in conflict, and the apartment would not let her stepfather. On the scene left the senior NCOs Denis Sumin and Paul Volosov. Entering the house, they heard cries for help from said apartment.

Sumin tried to go, but he interrupted the man with a hunting rifle: he tried to shoot the stepdaughter. “Police managed to push away standing next to the Complainant and took the shot on himself, thus saved from certain death the girl”, — stated in the message.

Golosunov the second policeman also was wounded in the neck when he tried to help a colleague. Nevertheless, he managed to bring the girl and Sumin on the street and call for help. Both the Sergeant was taken to intensive care, Sumin died, without regaining consciousness, life Volosnova no danger.

Arrived on the scene reinforcements found in the apartment the corpse of the mother of the girl with a gunshot wound and the corpse of the stepfather. According to the preliminary version, the man committed suicide.

All circumstances of incident are specified in the participation guide municipal and regional police forces and the operational group and the representatives of the Investigative Committee for the Krasnoyarsk territory. The deceased Sergeant was survived by his wife and seven year old son, they will provide all possible assistance.