“Palace coup” in Kiev ended with a rally of supporters of Saakashvili

“Palace coup” in Kiev ended with a rally of supporters of Saakashvili

KYIV, 17 Dec — RIA Novosti. Supporters of former Georgian President and ex-Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili after his traditional Sunday of March for the impeachment of the President of Ukraine by force tried to capture the October Palace in the center of Kiev to make it your focal point.

At this time the building held a jazz concert, the auditorium was full of people and security officials had to block the entrance of the protesters.

When the situation escalated, and Saakashvili knew that inside people can be, he urged his supporters to leave the October Palace, saying that the assault force trying to make the provocateurs. The audience got a fright, and the security forces — dozens of victims. A failed “Palace storm” already condemned by Western ambassadors.

The attempt to “storm the Palace”

Saakashvili, who has deprived the Ukrainian citizenship and were not allowed to Ukraine, in September force, with the help of his supporters broke through the border and entered the territory of the country, for which he was fined, and later opened a criminal for assisting a criminal organization. Hold policy succeeded in the second attempt, however, the court let him go.

During all this time, starting on 17 October, Saakashvili is satisfied with the action and the chamber near the Verkhovna Rada and in the center of Kiev. The Council, which are his supporters and opponents of the current government, are in the center of Kiev every Sunday.

This Sunday, according to police, about 2 thousand supporters of the politician have gathered in the Park of Taras Shevchenko and walked a peaceful March to independence square. In the center of Kiev, they held a Veche over the impeachment of the President.

Speaking during a rally on independence, Saakashvili said that he had not proposed the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko truce (as before reported by the media) and willing to talk with him about his resignation.

After that, he urged his supporters to go to the October Palace in the center of Kiev where “will be organized by the coordinating Council of the protesters.” “We go into the October Palace, is the headquarters of the coordination Council”, — said the politician.

After his call of the people moved to the October Palace, which started the “assault part” of his Sunday rally.

The protesters tried to occupy October Palace. The activists wanted to go inside the building though the main entrance was blocked by police and national guard. There was a small fight.

The next attempt to assault activists broke the front door and some of them, overcoming the resistance of the national guard, who barricaded themselves inside, entered the building. Against supporters of Saakashvili’s law enforcement officers used fire extinguishers. The activists withdrew from the Palace a few national guardsmen, white powder from the fire extinguishers.

During the assault, also heard three strong cotton-like tearing sound of firecracker. Also injured some of the protesters, which got the powder from the extinguishers, the doctors on the spot assisted.

However, as it turned out, the attempted seizure was unsuccessful, the security forces lined up in front of the entrance a tight cordon and blocked the entrance to the building.

While around the building, and inside, it was heavy security and cordons of security forces, they also suffered from pulverized white matter, doctors indoors assisted them.

Meanwhile, in the auditorium of the Palace was a jazz concert. The administration warned the audience about what is happening on the street and offered wishing to leave the concert. However, most of the audience remained in the hall after the concert they brought out through the emergency exit. According to police, among the spectators there were many children, so the security forces asked the protesters not to resort to military action.

Excuse the failed assault

When the situation began to deteriorate, and urged the police not to storm the building, Saakashvili began to call his supporters to peaceful action, and later called on them to leave.

His supporters eventually left another peaceful March — this time to the Verkhovna Rada, where is their tent city.

Already near the Parliament, Saakashvili assured that not called to storm the October Palace in the center of Kiev, and called it a provocation of law enforcement officers.

I with full responsibility I declare that there are no plans to seize October Palace we did not have any plans of violent acts we have not been. I condemn any attempt (capture — ed.) of a building… They (militiamen — ed.) specifically did violence to discredit the movement.Michael Saakashvilin a rally of his supporters at the Parliament building

He stated that he planned to spend in one of the rooms in the October Palace “for the military wives of political prisoners”, and then wanted to go to the Verkhovna Rada.

According to him, the protesters were met with “armed to the teeth police”, which “staged skirmishes and provocations”.