NYT: the Pentagon spent $22 million on the UFOs

NYT: the Pentagon spent $22 million on the UFOs

The U.S. Department of defense spent $22 million on a program of UFO research. On 16 December he wrote the New York Times, citing a former leader of the Democrats in the Senate, Harry Reid.

The program “study of aerospace threats,” worked with 2007, but five years later it was closed due to high cost. According to reed, knew about it, although it was not a secret. Reports of the program described “strange” high-speed aircraft and flying objects.

For example, experts studied the video of a flying oval object, which had two American fighter F/A-18 °F in California in 2004. Initially, the research money allocated on request reed. He said in an interview with the NYT that he was proud of the program, because no single Senator had never done. The majority of the funding went to the aerospace research company Bigelow Aerospace billionaire Robert Bigelow. Now his firm is working with NASA and working on a special inflatable module for space ships.

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In may 2017 72-year-old businessman said in the program “60 minutes” on CBS, that’s absolutely certain in the existence of UFOs. According to sources at the NYT, the Pentagon employees, and continue research, combining them with their main work. USA studying UFOs for many years. From 1947 to 1969 the U.S. military tested more than 12 of the thousands of reported sightings of unidentified objects. At this time in the United States worked with the project “Blue book”. Experts have found that in most cases for a UFO he took the stars, the cars, clouds or airplanes. However, 701 is the case, scientists could not explain.