Mutko will protect Russian athletes from the attacks of the IOC

Vitaly Mutko

Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko said that the decision of questions on protection of honor and dignity of Russian athletes suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) does not stop at the background of preparations for the Olympic games 2018 in Pyeongchang. About it reports TASS.

According to Mutko, now on the foreground there was the creation of comfortable conditions for athletes of the national team. “I hope there is no discrimination against them will not” — said the politician.

“This does not mean that we have shelved the question of support for the affected athletes to protect their good name in the courts. This work will continue, no matter how much time is needed. For libel it is necessary to answer”, — said Deputy Prime Minister.

December 5, the IOC has suspended the membership of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and the Russian national team was suspended from Games in 2018 investigations into alleged doping fraud. Athletes that proved their innocence, will be able to compete under a neutral flag.

Under the sanctions were, and Mutko. His life was suspended from attending Competitions and any events under the auspices of the IOC.

Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang will be held from 9 to 25 February 2018.

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