Le Pen had hoped for the destruction of the European Union inside

Marine Le Pen

The leader of the French party “national front” marine Le Pen, speaking at a conference of anti-immigration parties in Prague, said that the European Union is to “destroy from within”, reports RIA Novosti.

“The EU is losing breath. I hope we destroy the EU from within. We should behave like conquerors,” said she.

The politician pointed out that the European Union is a disastrous institution, which the European continent is moving towards his death. “The European peoples must be freed from the shackles of the European Union”, — said Le Pen.

She also wished the current Russian President Vladimir Putin to win the presidential elections in 2018. “As for the “National front”, of course, we want the victory of Vladimir Putin, because they believe that France and Russia should improve bilateral relations,” — said Le Pen.

This spring, Le Pen took part in the presidential elections in France. In the first round of voting, which took place on 23 April, Le Pen scored 21.3 percent of votes, losing to Emmanuel Macron (24,01%). In the second round of the macron held a convincing victory, gaining 66.1 percent of the vote. For Le Pen in the second round voted 33.9 percent came to the polls.

In late March, the Russian leader took Le Pen in the Kremlin. He stressed that Moscow attaches great importance to relations with Paris and tries to maintain relations with representatives of the current authorities and the opposition.

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