In Australia a man suspected of sale of missile components to the DPRK

In Australia a man suspected of sale of missile components to the DPRK

In Australia arrested the man, who is accused of selling on behalf of DPRK coal and components for missiles. This was reported in the Australian police, reports Reuters.

The man was arrested in Sydney on Saturday, December 16. According to Australian media, he was 59 years old and his name is Chan Han Choi. He lives in Australia for 30 years and was a Korean dissident. The police believe that he was trying to sell, including the guidance systems of ballistic missiles, and coal in Indonesia and Vietnam. According to police, the amount of the transaction was $10 million.

Australian police became interested in the man in 2016. Law enforcement officials said that the suspect — “a dedicated agent of North Korea who believes it is a high Patriotic objectives”.

As told in Australian law enforcement, a man accused of violating the Treaty on non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and in violation of sanctions against North Korea that were imposed by the UN and Australian authorities. Man faces 18 years in prison.

Reuters notes that this case — the first when Australia charged in the sale of weapons of mass destruction.

The UN Security Council imposed new sanctions against the DPRK in September. Such measures were adopted in response to nuclear tests that were conducted in North Korea. The new sanctions limit, including imports of oil to North Korea, and the export of textile products. In addition, since August 5, the UN banned the import of North Korean coal, iron, iron ore, lead, and seafood.