Filmmaker Nathanson passed away in ‘ 97

Filmmaker Nathanson passed away in ‘ 97

Moscow. 17 Dec. INTERFAX.RU — people’s artist of Russia, film Director Georgy Natanson died Sunday in Moscow on 97-m to year of life, have informed “Interfax” his daughter Marina Luzgina.

“George G. died Sunday at home”, she said.

The date of farewell to Nathanson is not reported.

George Nathanson was born 23 may 1921 in Kazan. He was known as a film Director, screenwriter and playwright. Among his directorial works are films such as “Older sister”, “once again about love”, “the Soviet Ambassador”, “Valentin and Valentina”, “All remains to people”.

In his films debuted such actors as Michael Water, Inna Gulaya, Valentina Titova and Alexander Domogarov.