A military doctor revealed the cause of poor health of the pilots of the F-35

A military doctor revealed the cause of poor health of the pilots of the F-35

MOSCOW, 16 Dec — RIA Novosti. A military doctor, Colonel, U.S. air force J. Flottmann have identified the possible cause of the poor health of the pilots of the new fighter-bombers, the F-35. It is reported by Aviation Week.

For this, he made three flights on F/A-18 Hornet. One of them was equipped with a supply system of liquid oxygen LOX, two more modern oxygen OBOGS station, which is equipped with advanced F-35. Flottman came to the conclusion that the OBOGS under heavy loads supplies air too abruptly, making it difficult to breath pilot.

“I am convinced that the increased oxygen content in the respiratory gas in conjunction with the operation of the regulator of breathing has a negative effect on the productivity of employees”, — said the expert.

The Colonel also noticed that the pilots are very tight tighten the chest strap. It is, in the opinion of Flottman, generates a feeling of tightness and makes breathing difficult before takeoff.

According to the results of their observations Flottman recommended that the country’s Navy to adjust the flow of oxygen and to study the effect of equipment on the pilots breath. He stressed that the three missions is not enough to determine the exact cause of ailments pilots.

Since the early trials in 2006 reported ten episodes of ill health of the crew of the F-35, the same was revealed in 2017. Five of them recorded on the basis of Luke in Arizona, and then the flight of the perspective machine was suspended. Restrictions were removed after a special Commission failed to find the cause of ailments of pilots. According to the Pentagon spokesman Mark Graff, such incidents pose a real threat to the United States air force.