A journey into the boiling crater: the Photographer showed inside a volcano

A journey into the boiling crater: the Photographer showed inside a volcano

Photojournalist, a German environmental scientist Ulla, Lohmann known stories from the lives of the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific. However, the most amazing her work is photography and the study of active volcanoes.

Ulla over the past ten years has undertaken several expeditions. Last trip to the island of Ambrym in the archipelago of the New Hebrides she made on assignment for the canadian manufacturer of chips “Doritos”.

“This is not just advertising, it is a way of financing research projects,” says Lohmann, noting that journalists and scientists is becoming increasingly difficult to find funds for ambitious projects and expeditions. In cooperation with “Doritos” traveler found a creative way to create educational videos 360°, which has gained about a million views on YouTube.

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The budget of the expedition to Ambrym included wages for local guides, donations for local settlements and, as hoped, Lohmann, the budget will provide an opportunity to provide some footage from volcanic vents in the Museum of Vanuatu, who is a photographer together with her husband helped create.

It was the hottest place I have ever been, and I’ve never tried the chips!Ulla Lohanfemale, German scientist-the ecologist

For the sake of the wishes of the manufacturer of chips she had to put the camera down for 600 meters into an active volcano, so that it was only 50 m from the erupting lava.

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In recognition of Ulla, even when she was standing less than a meter from the edge of the lake of fire, its no longer worried about their own safety and the safety of the camera. Her husband, Sebastian Hoffman, accompanied her husband in bulky thermal protection suit, while she was only in a t-shirt, sweat pants and with a protective coating on the face and hands.

Down the inner slopes, the researchers found that they are quite fragile due to several recent concussions. Ulla and Sebastian decided to leave at the base camp of the Luggage, including the emergency supply of water, to get rid of excess weight.