The Pentagon revealed details of the incident between F-22 and su-25

Russian su-25 forced the pilot of American F-22 fighter aggressive maneuver, flying close enough distance from him in the sky above the East Bank of the Euphrates river in Syria. About that Fox News reported Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon.

He also confirmed that the aerial incident of 13 December, lasted 40 minutes.

The channel adds that the U.S. military has expressed concern about what had happened in the course of negotiations with the Russian side via the hotline. “The biggest concern of the international coalition is that we could shoot down Russian plane, because his actions are seen as a threat to our air or ground forces”, — said Pachon.

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The defense Ministry said that American F-22 itself close to a couple of su-25 and created obstacles to them, firing flares. The Ministry added that the fighter left the area after him from the rear hemisphere approached the Russian su-35S.

In turn, in Washington claim that the su-25 had violated the agreed area of?? operations, created in order to avoid unintended air incidents. The Russian storm troopers invaded the American-controlled aircraft area, what made the F-22 to make a few warning shots to make their presence felt.

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Background: the defense Ministry told about the flight of American F-22 from the Russian fighter